100 Egyptian Paintings .. "White Gold" by Eng. Plato and Cotton
"The Circus" by Adham Waely about the Egyptian local life
Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh museum billboards in the streets prior to its inauguration
Cairo in Painting .. "Torch of Lamps" lighting Cairo at night by Ludwig Deutsch
The Egyptian Fine Arts Museum highlights the work of the extraordinary artist Saif Wanli .
"Reaping dates", moments of joy in Egypt, by the French artist Eugene Gerardet
"On the banks of the Nile," A painting by Italian artist Hermann David Corodi
"In the market" is the beauty of buying and selling in the streets of Cairo by Charles Velda
Sotheby's World Auctions in London prepares to display oriental paintings from Cairo.
Egypt in Paintings: "The popular artist" in the streets of Cairo, by the Swiss artist "Rudolf Johan Weiss"
Egypt in Paintings: "A view of the Nile near Cairo" bby American artist Edwin Lord Weeks
"Fetching Water" is a story on the riverbank by artist Leopold Carl, and the painting reflects an Egyptian village
100 international paintings .. "The Book at Al-Azhar Mosque" Carnival of Science
Stay home ... See the "Bride's Machine" painting by Saroukhan within the Museum of Fine Arts