"Reaping dates", moments of joy in Egypt, by the French artist Eugene Gerardet

paint Tue, Jun. 30, 2020
"Reaping the dates" painting by the French artist Eugene Gerardet, who lived between (1853-1907) and created his painting in 1890, and he had started visiting North Africa in 1874 and visited Egypt and was fond of painting the Bedouins and their lives, as he was insisting on Catching intimate moments between man and nature.

If we look at the painting, we will feel life, and this is the main key through which beauty can be read inside the artwork, and the concept of life will become clear if we notice that everything “glitters” and that all elements arouse joy and drive into a kind of nostalgia or a kind of longing, this gloss He confirms that "date dates" are "good" days, and everyone who lived in the countryside or agricultural areas knows that there is no time like harvest time to feel the essence of life, and there is no greater pleasure than the "genie" for a person to feel himself, and there is no such union with nature to forget One has some worries.

We see in the painting palm trees, dates, old people and children, all that signifies life and giving, indication of continuity and communication, the sheikh is busy with work, and the child is lying in contemplation, he and his donkey, which helps him to transfer "dates".
We see in the painting colors dominated by green and yellow, these two colors give the artwork vitality and energy, take the eye and make it reflect on all the details and reach all the facts.