Egypt in Paintings: "A view of the Nile near Cairo" bby American artist Edwin Lord Weeks

paint Mon, Jun. 1, 2020
Today, we are watching a beautiful painting entitled "A View of the Nile near Cairo", created by the American artist Edwin Lord Weeks in 1874, and I have loved this painting since I set eyes on it, before I delve into its details, perhaps because it reminds me of a beautiful situation I have already experienced before in my life.

What I bear witness in the Egyptian culture is that society was able to preserve its culture for a long period of time, as this painting is now 146 years old, but I swear to you that until the end of the nineties of the twentieth century, you could see this scene with all its details, especially before sunset.

You see a woman locked in the Nile to fill her jar of clean water, and another waiting for her on the beach, and a third has already filled her jar but she did not come out of the water after she admires the feel of the water, while a young teenager patiently throws his hook in the water waiting for "fishing", while a sailboat settles The side of the Nile is waiting for the day of the "market" or waiting for those wishing to cross to the second side of the Nile, and others are sitting enjoying the view of the water and the kindness of the air, telling the stories or going into the course of the absentees.

On the one hand, Edwin Lord Weeks' passion for living between the years (1849 - 1903) reveals the passion of the Nile, as it reflects the great effect of the Nile on the place. We see a great garden with palm trees extending towards the sky, while beautiful buildings appear white, indicating civilization and love of life. , And the water is golden in color due to the reflection of the sun on its shining page.