Egypt's Sharm el Sheikh museum billboards in the streets prior to its inauguration

paint Sun, Jul. 12, 2020
In preparation for the imminent opening of the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum in the South Sinai Governorate and in light of the advertisting campaign organized by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to announce the opening of the museum, a set of advertising signs and billboards has been placed along the main roads leading to the museum.

About 300 artifacts have been transferred successfully to the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum.

Head of the Central Department for Engineering Affairs, Antiquities and Museum Projects Waad Abul Ela stated that the civil protection equipment will be installed in the museum, while all development work has already been completed.

Furthermore, Abul Ela noted that works in the museum has been resumed since September 2018, after a hiatus of about 8 years, precisely in the aftermath of the January 2011 revolution, due to the lack of the necessary funds.

Advisor to the Minister of Antiquities for Museum Display Mahmoud Mabrouk mentioned in previous statements that the exhibition scenario in the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum will illustrate the daily life of the ancient Egyptian during the New Kingdom, where the displayed artifacts portray the civilized life the ancient Egyptians were experiencing during that era.

Also, the museum’s display scenario illustrates the ancient Egyptian’s interest with the wildlife, revealing how the ancient Egyptians cared about animals, birds, reptiles and insects in terms of raising, sanctifying, domesticating and treating them.