Egypt in Paintings: "The popular artist" in the streets of Cairo, by the Swiss artist "Rudolf Johan Weiss"

paint Wed, Jun. 3, 2020
The painting takes us to the Mamluk neighborhood, where a minaret of a famous mosque in the area appears on the distance, which bears a clear indication of the privacy of the place.
And I think that the artistic band, from which the "singer" flute player and tambourine appeared, suddenly appeared in the neighborhood, so people gathered to enjoy, and it is clear that the positive impact of the band was completely clear on the listeners.
As for the patterns of the characters in the painting, we see the predominance of children, who are usually liked by such arts, and they leave their homes quickly, seeking to follow the artists, then they move from street to street and from lane to lane.
However we find in the painting other personalities, we have a woman with a "jar" on her head and smiling on her face, wearing a traditional costume adorned with a red "necklace", and holds in her hand her child who is trying to get rid of her fist, and we find two men on their heads with turban resembling a turban of students Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, and perhaps one of them who sits on the mat of the Allies works as a professor in the mosque while the other called for it, which opens a door to study the relationship between arts and religion at that time, and on the wooden bench sits a man, a child looks at him, and although he repeats with the band but it seems the owner of the house The artistic band stood before him, but the salesman of the fruits that we recognized from the fruits presented next to her, she turned her face towards the display, we did not see the features of her face, and from afar a man entered a camel and when he saw the artistic show, he stood up to watch.