Investments of UK companies in Egypt reaches $ 47.8bn: min.
Egypt's agricultural exports exceed 4.8M tons
Egypt, UAE to establish joint strategic platform , with a total investment of $20 B
Egypt plans to establish 12 investment zones: Min
Egypt asserts importance of encouraging African investments to promote economic integration
Egypt invests 1,160 million to strengthen the sector, seeking to be textile hub: MDS
Trade exchange between Egypt, US hits $5.3B within 7 months
British Investments in Egypt reach $47.6B
Egypt attracts foreign investments esp. after gov't offered incentives to investors: MEDAF
UNIDO aims to cooperate with Cairo in supporting and developing industry
Egypt launches second phase of investment plan, offering offers 2,000 investment opportunities
Egyptian government allocates 22% of total public investment for Upper Egypt
Egypt invests $176.4 M in Sinai’s development projects
Egypt’s petroleum sector’s investments reached $30 B during 3 years
Egyptian free zone’s exports hit $6 billion in four months
Egypt plans to establish seven new free zones to attract investment
Swiss foreign direct investment in Egypt increases $400 M during last two years
Egyptian- Japanese trade exchange rises 30.5 percent in 2018
Foreign investments in Government Debt Instruments hit $15.8B in Feb.
Highlights of Egypt’s New Investment Law