Egypt's imports from US witness remarkable increase in 2022: CAPMAS
Egypt’s annual headline inflation hit 21.9% in December, up from 19.2% in November: CAPMAS
Egypt-US trade exchange hit $7.3 billion in 9 months of 2022: CAPMAS
CAPMAS releases figures on economic ties between Egypt, United Kingdom
Egypt's unemployment rate records 7.2% in Q4 2020: CAPMAS
CAPMAS: 10.7% increase in value of business sector's 2018-2019 under construction ventures
CAPMAS: Egypt's Trade balance deficit retreats by 28.8% in Oct.
Egypt's exports to Nile Basin countries up by 1.4% in 2019: CAPMAS
Egypt's population reaches 101 million: CAPMAS
Production index for transformative, extractive industries hikes 21% in June
Egypt's oil imports dropped to $191M in April: CAPMAS
CAPMAS: Egypt exports to int'l groupings up by 3.2% in 2019
Female life expectancy in Egypt rises to 75.1 years in 2019: CAPMAS
CAPMAS: Egypt's trade balance deficit drops by 10.8% in December
Egypt’s population hits 100 million Tuesday: CAPMAS
Egypt's trade deficit decreases 25.8 reaching $3.51 in August
Consumption of oil products, natural gas decrease by 0.26 percent during 2017/2018
CAPMAS issues statistics about waste recycling throughout 2017
Unemployment declines to 7.5% in Q2 2019: CAPMAS
Egypt witnessed 9.7% rise in number of foreigners working in Egypt's private, investment sectors in 2018