The Director of UNESCO warns of the loss of the documentary heritage and demands that it be made available electronically
The 44th anniversary of the return of Al-Arish to Egyptian sovereignty.. learn the origin of the city
"Inside the Circle" is a cultural program to integrate people with disabilities into the Supreme Council of Culture
Learn the story of the discovery of Khufu's boat.. Metal nails were not used in its manufacture
UNESCO: The Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria is the best in terms of cultural services
Egypt's Min of Culture meets her Moroccan counterpart to support joint cooperation frameworks
The Egyptian identity.. 7 books that deserve to be decided upon as curricula for school and university students
Egypt and UNESCO.. 7 Egypt's Min of Culture succeeded in registering 7 elements of traditional arts in the UNESCO World Heritage registered on intangible heritage and files on the organization's table
The launch of "Your culture is your book" initiative, in conjunction with the national dialogue
Today's events... The conclusion of the Egyptian People's Forum in Arish and Don Giovanni at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
UNESCO organizes workshops at Prince Muhammad Ali Palace in Manial on cultural diversity
Egypt's Min. of Culture inspects the pavilions of Italy, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain at the "Venice Biennale"
Today.. the ceremony of announcing the winning novel of the Arabic Booker Prize 2023
The Arab Atelier for Culture and Arts hosts exhibitions of Sudanese artists.. Know the details
An exhibition of rare works of art from the collections, coinciding with the International Museum Day
Egypt's National Books and Documents House celebrates the centenary of the 1923 constitution
The Minister of Culture announces the opening of museums for free, in celebration of the International Museum Day tomorrow
See the statue of Ramses II in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir
Acclaimed Egyptologist Zahi Hawass to host ‘The Roots of Ancient Egypt’ TV show on Al Wathaeqya channel
Egypt handed over four rare Egyptian artifacts from Italy