1st phone call: Sisi, Biden agree to enhance coordination to contain escalation in Palestine

1st phone call: Sisi, Biden agree to enhance coordination to contain escalation in Palestine Thu, May. 20, 2021
CAIRO, 20 May 2021: Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi received a phone call on Thursday from US President Joe Biden, where they discussed the latest developments in the Palestinian territories and agreed to enhance coordination to contain the escalation as the Israeli assault on Gaza continues for the 11th consecutive day.

This comes in light of the Israeli airstrikes over the past days against the Gaza Strip, which have killed 230 Palestinians including children and women and caused hundreds of injuries, according to the Gaza health ministry.

Egypt has carried out diplomatic and political efforts to reach ceasefire in Palestine in cooperation with other partners.

Sisi affirmed Egypt’s unwavering stance highlighting the need for a thorough and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause, the Egyptian Presidency said in a statement.

The president noted that this solution should ensure the legitimate and normal rights of the Palestinian people like other peoples worldwide in establishing their independent state in accordance with the international references.

Sisi affirmed that achieving a solution to the Palestinian cause would end the state of violence and tensions and achieve security and stability in the region.

Sisi and Biden agreed on continuing regular coordination, exchanging visions and enhancing fruitful coordination between the relevant authorities from both countries during the coming period.

This coordination should seek to contain the escalation of the situation in Palestine and discuss the issues of mutual concern on the bilateral, regional and international levels, the Presidency said.

Biden voiced appreciation for Sisi’s tireless efforts along with other parties to achieve security and stability in the whole region, hailing these efforts as wise and balanced.

Biden said these efforts highlight Egypt’s historic and pivotal role in the Middle East, the Eastern Mediterranean and Africa to support stability and settle crises.

Biden said the US administration relies on Egypt’s role in contributing to contain the current escalation and halt violence.

The US president also expressed his country’s keenness to develop the bilateral relations with Egypt during the coming period.

This should help the two countries face the unprecedented regional and international challenges in light of the mutual priorities of the two countries, Biden said.

Sisi, during the phone call, highlighted the significance of the extended strategic relations between Egypt and the US.

The Egyptian president said the current challenges threatening security and stability in the region require Egypt and the US to enhance cooperation and regulation coordination to deter these dangers, the Presidency added.

The two presidents’ call comes few days after Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry made a phone call with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken on the issue.