Remittances from Egyptian expats reaches $27.1B in 11 months of 2020
Egypt’s Immigration Ministry announces setting new flights for expats stranded in UAE
US dollar drops 35 piasters against pound in 10 months
Remittances from Egyptian expats reach $27.8B, recording highest level ever in 2019/2020
Egypt's Mufti calls expats to participate strongly in house election
Egyptian expatriates to vote in parliamentary elections via mail
Egypt calls on expats abroad to register data before parliamentary elections
Senate elections kick off in Egypt on Tuesday
Egypt starts air bridge to bring home expats stranded abroad
Remittances from Egyptian expats jump to $5.2 in January, February
Egyptians expats in US launch petition to protect Egypt’s water rights
Egypt launches first app for Egyptian expats
Egypt's Immigration Min. to establish unit helping Egyptian investors abroad