The 44th anniversary of the return of Al-Arish to Egyptian sovereignty.. learn the origin of the city

egypt Sun, May. 28, 2023
Today, the 44th anniversary of the return of the city of Arish to Egyptian sovereignty, after it was under the Zionist occupation, after the setback of 1967, and the Egyptian army regained it after the liberation war in October 1973, and "Al-Arish" that charming city is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, In North Sinai Governorate, it is one of the ancient castles of Egypt, and one of the witnesses to the heroism of the Egyptian armed forces throughout the ages.

Al-Arish is a charming city located on the Mediterranean coast, and one of the testimonies of the heroism of the Egyptian armed forces throughout the ages, in defending the homeland, and removing any aggression against the country.

In the beginning, the accounts differed about the beginning of the founding of the city, but according to what historical reports and references mention, the city was established in the past on the ruins of a number of fortified Pharaonic castles, and it was re-established again during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, the tenth Ottoman Sultan, in the year 1568, after he established It has his famous castle, of which only a few remains remained in 1560.

According to a number of researchers, it is believed that it was named by this name because people were building terrariums, and due to the large number of pavilions in which the original inhabitants lived in, so the citizen used to build a pavilion made of palm leaves and live in it, and the reason for its name is due to the fact that the caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab - may God be pleased with him - When he learned that Amr ibn al-Aas would enter Egypt, he sent a letter to him saying: "If you have entered Egypt or part of it, you must rely on God Almighty, and if you do not enter it, you must return." When his friends asked where we are, they said in Arish, which is from the lands of Egypt.

As for the reason for naming the city Arish, Abu al-Qasim bin Hawqal al-Nusaibi, in his book “Surat al-Ard,” notes that the reason for naming the name is due to the Almighty’s saying: “And We destroyed what Pharaoh and his people used to do and what they used to erect” (Al-A’raf 137). They made a pergola in it, shading them from the sun, until Joseph permitted them to enter Egypt at the time of drought, and it is characterized by good air and fresh water, according to what was mentioned in the geographical dictionary of Muhammad Ramzi in the second section in the fourth part.

While the book "Sinai Where I Am ... Years of Lost" by writer Ashraf al-Anani indicated that the name came in relation to "Al-Araishia", who are the urban residents of Arish, most of whom trace their lineage back to the garrison of Al-Arish Castle, which was abolished by Muhammad Ali Pasha.

As the “Comprehensive Library” website mentions, the reason for the name came after the Prophet Ibrahim, peace be upon him, took a pergola in which he used to sit, until his livestock were milked in front of him, so he named Arish for that reason, and it was said: Malik bin Daar bin Hajar bin Judhailah bin Lakhm was He has twenty-four sons, among them: Al-Arish bin Malik, and he was named Al-Arish because he lived in it and built it as a city, and on the authority of Ka’b Al-Ahbar: that in Al-Arish are the graves of ten prophets, and it came in the book “Preaching and Consideration by mentioning plans and antiquities” by Al-Maqrizi, that Al-Arish is a city between the land of Palestine and the territory Egypt, an ancient city among the cities that were built after the flood.

Ibn Saeed said on the authority of Al-Bayhaqi: The entry of Yusuf’s brothers and his parents, peace be upon them, was upon him in the city of Al-Arish, which is the first land of Egypt, because he went out to receive them, until he descended into the city at the edge of his authority, and he had a throne there, which is the bed of the Sultanate, so his parents sat on it, and that was The city was called in the old city of the Throne for that, then the general public called it the city of Al-Arish, so that prevailed over it.