Harvest of the Ministry of Culture .. The Supreme Council presented 312 activities in 2021

Egypt Thu, Dec. 30, 2021
The Supreme Council of Culture organized in the secretariat of Dr. Hisham Azmy, in the year 2021, a large number of 312 local international cultural activities and events, whether with actual participation or within the implementation of the initiative launched by the Minister of Culture (Culture in Your Hands); This was done through the council’s 24 specialized committees in cooperation with the council’s conference secretariat team, where the council benefited from the support of all the intellectuals of Egypt and the Arab world and continued to present its activities in light of the Corona pandemic.

The events came within the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan, where the activities were based on a number of themes: First: A series of international and local conferences and conferences (4 international and local conferences).

Second: The International Cultural Dialogue Forum 20 events.

Third: A series of seminars and council evenings, including seminars, evenings, lectures, and intellectual salons: It included 78 activities.

Fourth: Online events with participation from Egypt and the Arab world. Included:

1- The series “Every Day is a Poet” included (143 events) and was organized by the Poetry Committee of the Council

2- The Fine Arts and Architecture series, which included (43 events); It was organized by the Fine Arts and Architecture Committee of the Council

3- "Read with us" series, which included (8 activities)

4- “Online Culture” lecture series, which included (two activities)

5- "Reading in a translated book" series, which included (5 events) and was organized by the Council's Translation Committee

6- Our life with music series included (3 events); It was organized by the Council's Music, Opera and Ballet Committee

Fifthly: Quality competitions

The Competitions Department of the Council, in cooperation with colleagues in the General Administration of the People and Committees, organized 6 competitions as follows:

- Young translators competition/ Sesamiya playing competition/ Theater competition that renews life for young playwrights/ Naguib Mahfouz competition/ Creative industries and cultural development competition/ “Innovations” competition for plastic artists under the age of 35 - in addition to a number of other competitions organized by the Council’s Competitions Department