1000 pounds for the foreigner and 500 for the Egyptian .. Know the truth about picture tickets with Tutankhamun

egypt Sun, Feb. 28, 2021
A number of activists on social media circulated the prices of filming tickets with the mask of King Tutankhamun, where he published that taking a picture with the golden mask of the king without opening the cupboard costs 500 pounds for the foreigner, and 250 for the Egyptian citizen, and taking a picture with the mask by opening the cupboard reaches to 1000 pounds for the foreigner and 500 pounds for the Egyptian, and to find out the truth of this matter, we contacted the archaeologist Sabah Abdel Razek, Director General of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Sabah Abdel-Razek said that there is a regulation approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities that is followed in the application of entry prices and photography inside archaeological museums, but what was published about Tutankhamun ticket prices is tainted by some inaccuracies, as photography is divided into commercial and non-commercial. Commercial, which means making profits through filming with artifacts inside museums, whether Tut or other pieces, such as advertisements, a movie, a drama, or a catalog that will be sold commercially abroad, all of this falls under the item of commercialism.

Sabah Abdel Razek explained, in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day," that commercial photography is first preceded by the issuance of a permit from the competent authority, which is the approval of the Secretary of Information of the Supreme Council of Antiquities. As for the commercial prices of photography, without opening the vanity, the price of one photograph is 500 pounds for foreigners and 250 Egyptian pounds for the Egyptian citizen, but in the case of opening the showcase, the price of his ticket reaches 1000 pounds for a foreigner and 500 pounds for the Egyptian citizen, with the exception of King Tutankhamun's mask, because the vault for the mask is not opened at all.