US Special Envoy for Horn of Africa visits Egypt, UAE, Ethiopia to review GERD issue
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US Special Envoy for African Horn on tour in Egypt, UAE, Turkey to end conflict in Ethiopia
South Sudan's Salva Kiir in Cairo visit: Ethiopian PM failed to keep negotiations promise
We want to help Ethiopians in their development, but Egypt's water share is a ‘red line’: Sisi
Ethiopia’s second filling for GERD is a unilateral action: : US Department of State
Egypt denounces Ethiopian plan to build several dams next year as ‘continuation to disregard international law’
US new administration could save GERD negotiations if they decided to to mediate again: Amb.
Austria offers to be part of negotiations between Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia on GERD issue
Sudan invites Egypt, Ethiopia to tripartite talks to discuss 'possible options' on reviving GERD negotiations
Egypt, Sudan say no progress in talks on Ethiopia's Renaissance Dam
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Tripartite talks on GERD between Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan resumes Sunday
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UK Declassified documents reveal Egypt’s goodwill to cooperate with Ethiopia over Nile water 74 years ago
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