National Women Council Expresses Gratitude to UN Women for Gaza Aid at Egypt's Request

egypt Tue, Feb. 6, 2024
The National Council for Women (NCW) has extended appreciation to Executive Director of UN Women Sima Bahous for positively responding to Egypt’s request in providing humanitarian aid to women and children in Gaza.

The aid provided to the Gaza strip has sought to meet the essential needs of women and children as outlined in the list of requirements submitted by Amal Hamad, the Minister of Women's Affairs in Palestine, a statement by the NCW noted.

The council also expressed its gratitude to the UN Women's office in Egypt for their coordination to deliver the aid.

In this regard, Maya Morsy, President of the NCW, expressed her deep grief over the plight of women, girls, and children in the Gaza Strip and the occupied Palestinian territories, who have been subjected to more than 120 days of aggression.

She also noted the human rights violations, forced displacement, and starvation experienced by the Palestinians in the strip, constituting a flagrant violation of international agreements, UN resolutions, and international humanitarian law.

Morsy appealed to the United Nations and international legal mechanisms to halt the aggression on Gaza, calling for an immediate, sustainable and unconditional ceasefire without restrictions or conditions for the sake of humanity.

Moreover, she appealed to the UN to ensure continuous safe and swift access to humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip without restrictions or conditions.

She emphasized the importance of preventing the forced displacement of women and children from their land, regardless of the cost.

Morsy highlighted the importance of providing special protection for women and children, ensuring the safety of civilians, and establishing mechanisms to monitor human rights violations, particularly those targeting women and children, in accordance with international humanitarian law.

The UN Women Egypt has commended the NCW and the Ministry of Women's Affairs in Palestine for their significant efforts in mobilizing support to women and girls in Gaza, in partnership with the international community.

In collaboration with the Egyptian Red Crescent, UN Women Egypt has provided humanitarian aid to Palestinian women and children in Gaza through a convoy consisting of nine trucks carrying 7,000 kits. The aid contained essential items for Palestinian women and children who are in dire need.

In a statement, UN Women Egypt Country Representative Christine Arab stated, “Under the UN Flash Appeal for the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), UN Women has partnered with the Egyptian Red Crescent in its efforts to support women in Gaza, in coordination with our offices in OPT.”