The completion of the restoration of the Shatby necropolis.. Learn about archaeological sites whose maintenance ended in 2023

egypt Sun, Mar. 12, 2023
During the past seven years, the Egyptian state has been working on restoring many archaeological sites, within the framework of preserving those important cultural places in the history of ancient Egypt. Recently, it was announced that the restoration of the ancient Shatby necropolis in Alexandria had been completed. What we will review through the next lines are the projects that were restored during The last two months of the current year 2023.

Columns of Karnak temples
The completion of the restoration work of 37 out of 134 columns in the Karnak temples east of Luxor, the stone floors and the careful restoration of the Habu Temple west of Luxor, the Alexander’s cabin in Luxor Temple, the Peace Hall (the second hall) and the union’s cabin in the Dendera Temple in Qena. Work is underway on the ceiling and the upper part of the necklace’s cabin. at the temple.

Al-Hakim Mosque, by God's command
Completion of the restoration of Al-Hakim Bi-Amr Allah Mosque on Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Al-Fatimi Street in Historic Cairo, and its revival in cooperation with the Bohra sect, and under the supervision of the Islamic, Coptic and Jewish projects and antiquities sectors of the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the General Administration of Historic Cairo.
The restoration project began in February 2017, as the works included periodic maintenance to ward off danger and protect the walls of the mosque from the impact of moisture and salts, in addition to ventilation and strengthening of the walls and treatment of some cracks.

The way of the best
The restoration of the sabil and the book of Abd al-Baqi bin Khair al-Din, known as the sabil al-Tubji in Darb Saada, has been completed. It included architectural and meticulous restoration, as the walls and walls were treated and restored architecturally and structurally, and the modern floors were replaced with tiles of stone or marble, with the removal of the layers of modern whiteness added during previous periods. And treating the ceilings architecturally and isolating them against the leakage of rain water and completing the missing ones.
While the meticulous restoration work included showing the colors of the ceiling of the cassation room and strengthening the layers of colors, cleaning the main façade stones, showing the decorative elements in them, cleaning and strengthening the metal elements, cleaning and strengthening the wooden elements such as windows, doors and other elements according to the archaeological principles, and the lighting system was also developed.

The ancient Shatby necropolis
The completion of a project to restore, protect and develop the Shatby cemetery in Alexandria, with the aim of saving the ancient cemetery from the rising groundwater level in it and the resulting erosion factors over time, pointing out that the site is scheduled to open during the coming period.

It included the restoration work of the cemetery, which included controlling the groundwater level and completing the dilapidated parts of the cemetery with natural mortar of the same nature as the impact and supporting the mother rock, in addition to the work of developing and raising the efficiency of the site in general, which included preparing the site for the visit in terms of raising the efficiency of the services provided and providing it with guiding signs. And information to inform visitors about the site and its history.