The Ministry of Antiquities opens the Lahoun Pyramid in Fayoum after its restoration

lahoun Wed, Jun. 26, 2019
CAIRO - 26 June 2019: The Ministry of Antiquities will open next Friday the Lahoun pyramid of King Senusert II in Fayoum, after completion of the restoration work.

The Jund al-Asbai Mosque will be opened and the Friday prayers will be held after its restoration, as well as the Qaroun Palace.

The Pyramid of Lahoun is one of the pyramids of Egypt. It was built by King Senusret II of the Twelfth Dynasty, a brick of bricks above a high hill 12 meters high on the outskirts of the city of Lahoun in Fayoum governorate, 22 kilometers away from Fayoum.

The pyramid was covered with limestone and its height is 48 meters and the length of its base is 106 meters. Its entrance is located on the southern side opposite the rest of the Egyptian pyramids. Inside it was found the golden wall that was placed above the royal crown. The tomb of the Princess Satt Hathorat Ayonat and the tomb of the pyramid architect Inbi were discovered next to the pyramid. And 8 terraces were tombs of members of the ruling family, and in the area of ​​the pyramid is the cemetery of Lahoun.