Restoration of Kind Tutankhamen’s Canopy & Transferring it to The Grand Egyptian Museum

Tutankhamen Tue, Jun. 25, 2019
CAIRO - 25 June 2019: The restoration of the canopy of King Tutankhamen was carried out, while the team working on it was without doubt using the latest scientific methods. Nour Mohamed Badr, a restoration specialist at the Grand Museum, affirmed that and took us through the process of the restoration and the transfer of the canopy to the Grand Egyptian Museum

Badr added that the first restoration team carried out the required repairs for the canopy before the packaging process. This included strengthening and stabilizing vulnerable crusts in the canopy; the canopy was then transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

On the other hand, Hanan Mustafa, a restoration expert, said that the canopy was examined using an X-ray machine to identify the locations of links and places of weakness to secure them during packaging and transport procedures. The canopy was also documented before restoration works using a three-dimensional scanning device.

The working team involved in the first restoration and painting works includes Reda Qubaisi, Mahmoud el-Beheiry, May Magdy, Mohamed Abdel Kadir and Mohamed el-Ansari.

The X-rayography team includes Mohamed Mustafa, Ahmed Tarek, Somaya Hendawy, Ahmed Adel and Amira Hakim.