Archeology records more than 82,000 items on the Grand Egyptian museum's database

egypt Sun, Nov. 8, 2020
Dr. Al-Tayyib Abbas, Assistant Minister for Archaeological Affairs at the Grand Egyptian Museum, said that the Grand Egyptian Museum's databases include nearly 82 thousand objects, which are the pieces that have already reached the museum, and others that were registered after making a sincere report on them, and they will be transferred later, according to the schedule Chronological

The assistant minister for archaeological affairs at the Grand Egyptian Museum, in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day," explained that there are priorities in the work of moving the pieces, as the pieces that will be displayed are transferred first, and there is a group of pieces that will be stored, but there is a group that must be transferred to enter it The laboratories of the Grand Egyptian Museum, because there is no place that can restore these pieces except the laboratories of the Grand Egyptian Museum.

Dr. Al-Tayeb Abbas added: We transfer artifacts periodically, as what remains in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir are very few, approximately 700 pieces, and we have a weekly schedule for delivery and receipt to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, and we also have a receipt from the regional museums, there are pieces in Marina. Tell Basta, Tanis, and Luxor stores, and all of this enters a certain daily time, and accordingly, the groups leave the museum to receive these pieces.

Dr. Al-Tayeb Abbas pointed out that before any piece reaches the Grand Egyptian Museum, groups come out from the museum to record and document the pieces inside the places where the piece is exhibited, whether in museums or archaeological areas, after it has been allocated through the approval of the permanent committee, to take dimensions and lengths and record its condition. After the registration stage, we begin the transfer phase, to enter the Grand Museum, to enter the restoration laboratories if the transferred piece needs that, but if it is not in need of restoration and is in good condition it enters the stores.