Al-Ghoury Dome of Creativity Center is hosting a concert by Orchestra "Musikana" tonight

dome Sun, Sep. 13, 2020
The Dome El-Ghoury Creativity Center on Al-Azhar Street, affiliated to the Cultural Development Fund sector, will host a concert by the Small Finger Orchestra "Musikana", with all preventive and precautionary measures taken, and that is at exactly eight o'clock in the evening on Sunday, and the band presents a different group of music from the Egyptian heritage in addition to music International ones, including: “Port Said's heritage”, “Carnival de Paris”, “Uncle Ahmed's case” by Omar Khairat, a medley of patriotic works, “Long live our country, picture, with hugs.”

It is noteworthy that “Al-Anamel Al-Saghira” is an integrated orchestra of children from Port Said governorate, leading and training Dr. Ragi Al-Muqaddam, and presenting various types of music from the Egyptian and international musical heritage in the framework of discovering and presenting new talents and preserving the Egyptian identity.

The Artistic Creativity Center aims to revive the Egyptian artistic heritage in a new and sophisticated way that keeps pace with the language of the modern era, and to provide an opportunity to learn about the arts of different civilizations and peoples by opening areas of dialogue between Egyptian creators and creators around the world to create a new perception of the modern cultural movement.