What the World Needs to Know About the Muslim Brotherhood

Fri, Mar. 31, 2017
24 dead. 49 injured. What the Muslim Brotherhood doesn’t want the West to know about the deadliest attack to shake Egypt in decades.
It started as a “strange” and “sad” foreboding that Doctor Nevin Adel Salama couldn’t quite pinpoint. She was in the prime of her life — 31 years old[ii], beloved by her fellow church members, with a good job at a local hospital. Friends called her “an angel on the earth”. Two days later, she was dead, the victim of a brutal church bombing in Cairo, Egypt in 2016. It was the deadliest attack on Egyptian soil in recent memory, and it was carried out specifically to slaughter innocents in their place of worship. The suicide bomber attacked on December 11 — a public holiday in Egypt — when Cairo’s church of St. Peter and St. Paul was unusually crowded. And he detonated his suicide vest among the women and children, apart from where the men sat. Twenty four people were slain, 49 more injured. This was the terrible aftermath (warning, graphic footage).
This vicious act of terror was perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood — a group desperate to convince the West that its long, bloody history of religious violence is over. Egypt’s own Interior Ministry has established that Muslim Brotherhood leaders trained and financed the terror cell directly responsible for this bombing. It wasn’t the first time — and by many estimations, it won’t be the last. The Muslim Brotherhood is engaged in a full-scale campaign of terror against civilians in Egypt. The group’s leaders have incited their followers, or sent their operatives, to persecute people in their homes, in shops, in schools, even within the sacred confines of churches throughout the country. Beyond the tragic loss of life, dozens upon dozens of churches and other valuable buildings have been damaged or destroyed in recent years. But the violence doesn’t stop at Egypt’s borders — and neither has the backlash. The international community is beginning to see the Muslim Brotherhood for what it is. Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Russia have all declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group. It’s past time the United States did the same.
The U.S. has already officially listed individual members, branches and charities of the Muslim Brotherhood as Foreign Terrorist Organizations — including dangerous jihadist organizations like al-Qaeda and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In light of these realities, legislation has been introduced in both the United States Senate and the U.S. House of Representative asking the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury, to exercise his legal authority and designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. This designation would go a long way toward stopping the Muslim Brotherhood’s relentless bloodshed. No one deserves to die like Doctor Salama did, in their place of solace and worship. The U.S. must move immediately to call the Muslim Brotherhood what they are: Terrorists. Download the fact sheet to learn more.