Egypt warns against continuity of status quo on GERD as 'instability element'
Egypt’s FM, UN Envoy for Horn of Africa review GERD file, latest development in Sudan
US Special Envoy for Horn of Africa visits Egypt, UAE, Ethiopia to review GERD issue
Ethiopia claims it is ‘keen’ to resume GERD talks with Egypt, Sudan
EU ready to broker solution to GERD crisis: European Commissioner for Neighborhood and Enlargement
Egypt's FM presents to Moroccan counterpart GERD latest developments
US ready to help Egypt resolve GERD crisis diplomatically: CENTCOM commander
US Special Envoy for African Horn on tour in Egypt, UAE, Turkey to end conflict in Ethiopia
Egypt ready to continue tripartite talks about GERD: Water Minister
Sisi asserts Egypt's Nile water rights, need to resume GERD negotiations in meeting with Algerian FM
Sisi asserts Egypt's stance on GERD entailing legally-binding agreement answering development rights
Egypt's FM meets with UN Secretary-General to assert int'l community's responsibility for contributing to resolving GERD's crisis
Sisi to Congolese president: Egypt only took GERD issue to Security Council due to Ethiopian 'intransigence,' fait accompli attempts
Kuwait backs internationalization of GERD issue, calls for resumptions of overseen negotiations
Egypt's FM meets Indian Representative at UN as diplomats brief Security Council members ahead of GERD session
Ethiopia’s letter to UNSC is an attempted “to drive a wedge” between Arab League, African Union: AL
Ethiopia’s second filling for GERD is a unilateral action: : US Department of State
Egypt’s FM meets with Arab committee concerned with coordinating on GERD with UNSC
Egypt’s FM, Merkel's foreign policy adviser review Cairo’s efforts to reach binding deal on GERD
Egypt’s irrigation minister, South Sudan’s FM discuss GERD dispute