Egyptian Foreign Minister Engages with American Chamber Delegation Before Trip to Washington

egypt Wed, Mar. 13, 2024
Minister of Foreign Affairs Sameh Shokry met Monday with a delegation from AmCham, which will hold a visit to Washington later this month, commending the role played by the chamber in consolidating economic cooperation between Egypt and the United States.

The minister noted that the cooperation culminated in the launch of the U.S.-Egypt Joint Economic Commission in May 2023. The first commission's meeting took place in Cairo last year, while the second will be held in Washington this year.

Also, the United States continues to back developmental projects in the sectors of education and healthcare, and the enlargement of the private sector's share in agriculture, tourism, and scientific research.

On another level, Minister Shokry presented the Egyptian moves aimed at reaching a truce in Gaza that would morph into a permanent ceasefire. He equally stressed the necessity of devising a mechanism to monitor and manage the delivery of aid, and that would override the obstacles set by Israel. That is in fulfillment of the UN Security Council resolution no. 2720.

The minister similarly stressed Egypt's rejection to the intended Israeli ground operation in Gaza for its repercussions on humanitarian conditions, and to the external displacement of Palestinians. He also warned of the expansion of the scope of the conflict as it would destabilize the Middle East.