Egyptian Leader El-Sisi Dedicates LE10 Billion for Services Supporting the Disabled

egypt Fri, Mar. 1, 2024
President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi instructed the government Wednesday to commit LE10 billion to the fund financing services to the disabled. That was during his attendance of the fifth edition of the “Differently Abled” ceremony.

President Sisi also valued the role of NGOs in providing services and support to the disabled. He added, “we should not give up on disabled individuals. We should not get bored of deploying efforts to facilitate their lives and empower them.”

Palestinian Child Abdullah whose leg has been saved from amputation by Egyptian doctors after he had been moved out of Gaza Strip got on stage to thank Egypt for providing the necessary medical treatment.

Abdullah told his story saying that Israel had shelled Tal Al Hawa where his home was lying. He and his family fled to an UNRWA school, which was also targeted. His elder brother got killed and his leg was severely injured.

The president told the child that the victims were martyrs, and that survivors must hold on to patience as God would definitely save them.