Egypt Calls on the United States to Intensify Efforts to Halt Hostilities in Gaza

egypt Tue, Feb. 27, 2024
Assistant to Foreign Minister for American Affairs Hazem Fahmy received Sunday Deputy Assistant to the President, Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council Curtis Ried in the ministry's headquarters.

The meeting, attended by Head of the Palestine Administration Kamel Galal, tackled the Gaza War, and its perilous repercussions on the Egyptian national security. Hence, Ambassador Fahmy demanded the United States to exert more pressure on Israel, denouncing the country's use of veto for the third time – since the outbreak of the war - at the UN Security Council against a resolution mandating a ceasefire.

The ambassador also showcased the grave violations to international law in Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and their impact on Palestinians' human suffering. In that context, he urged pushing Israel to refrain from impeding the delivery of humanitarian aid in Gaza.

The Egyptian diplomat equally underscored the salience of an immediate ceasefire, especially that 29,000 civilian Palestinians got killed.