Egyptian Prosecution Releases 32 Pretrial Detainees, Including Journalists Ajrama, Korbigi, and Fahmy

egypt Wed, Feb. 7, 2024
Head of Egypt's Journalists Syndicate Khaled El-Balshy announced on Wednesday the release of journalists Manal Ajrama, Safaa Al-Korbigi, and Hala Fahmy, who were detained pretrial.

Diaa Rashwan, the Head of the State Information Service (SIS) and the General Coordinator of the National Dialogue, welcomed the release of a new group of pretrial detainees, including the three women journalists.

According to a list of names circulated in media, the total number of released detainees is 32.

Rashwan praised the decision and expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to these releases.

According to Rashwan, such decisions help create a positive atmosphere for the continuation of the national dialogue in order to achieve consensus on national work proprieties at present.

He emphasized that the success of the national dialogue in achieving this objective would create further areas of joint understanding among the Egyptian people to build a better and more promising future.

Over the past two years, the Egyptian prosecution has released hundreds of pretrial detainees, while many others have been granted presidential pardons since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called for the National Dialogue and reactivated the Presidential Pardon Committee in April 2022.