Egyptian, Spanish naval forces hold joint drills in Red Sea

Egyptian, Spanish naval forces hold joint drills in Red Sea Sun, Feb. 14, 2021
CAIRO – 14 February 2021: The Egyptian and Spanish naval forces held joint drills in the Red Sea's Berenice Military Base, Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces Tamer al-Refaei stated Sunday.

Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh frigate (F901) and June 18 torpedo as well as Spain's Galicia-class landing platform dock, Castilla L52, participated in the drills. The exercises consisted of reinforcement, various formations, and signaling.

In October, Egyptian and Spanish naval forces conducted a joint naval exercise in the Red Sea at Berenice Military Base in the Southern Fleet's zone.

The drill saw the participation of two Egyptian frigates "Al Nasser" and Abou Qir.

The naval training comes as part of the General Command of the Armed Forces' plan to raise the combat readiness of the naval forces and exchange military expertise with the armed forces of brotherly and friendly countries.

The war game included several professional training activities, such as air defense exercises against various surface threats.

It also involved training on various sailing formations, and carrying out signal transportation exercises.