Cancer Patients In Egypt Allowed To Book Free Train Tickets

Tue, Feb. 5, 2019
CAIRO - 5 February 2019: Cancer patients are now allowed to ride trains for free of charge. Egypt will be providing cancer patients around the country a smart card to give them these train rides free of charge. Knowing the enormous suffer cancer patients go through, and knowing how hard it must be for Egyptians living in cities away from Cairo, the struggle of travelling by train from far away cities to reach specialised cancer hospitals in Cairo is physically tough and financially stressful. In order to help out these patients in their treatment journey, the country allows them to ride trains for free of charge. The cancer patients can utilise these smart cards to book their trains without having to pay any fees. These smart cards will be valid for a year, and will also allow patients to take a companion with them, whose ticket will also be free of charge. The smart cards will even allow cancer patients to book better trains than they used to, such as trains with air-conditioning, which could be of great value to them in the summer. The steps of obtaining the smart card are quite simple. All that a cancer patient would need is a medical report, a copy of their national ID, a copy of their parent’s national ID, and two personal pictures (4*6).