Egypt handed over four rare Egyptian artifacts from Italy

egypt Sun, May. 14, 2023
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry, on Monday, was handed over four rare Egyptian artifacts that were recovered from Italian authorities, announced the Ministry in a statement.

Ambassador Omar Selim, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Cultural Relations, handed over the four artifacts, which date back to different ears of Egypt’s history, after the Italian authorities gave them to the Egyptian embassy in Rome.

The four artifacts include a pharaonic painting decorated with hieroglyphs, a small pottery vessel, an upper part of a small statue of a woman made of pottery, and finally a piece known as a "column of Djed " belonging to of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the statement added.

“These pieces were handed over by the officials of the Turin Museum to the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Rome, in preparation for their return to their home country,” the statement read.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms that, in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, “it gives more attention to the file of recovering Egyptian antiquities within the framework of the national plan to restore the historical, archaeological and artistic heritage smuggled outside the country.”