COP27 Climate Conference .. A tour of the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum

egypt Mon, Nov. 7, 2022
Today, Egypt leads the African continent at the Cop27 Climate Summit, which will be hosted in Sharm El-Sheikh today until the 18th of November. Nearly 40,000 participants from all over the world, and dozens of international and regional organizations.

The city of Sharm El Sheikh is beautiful and full of all the elements of natural and historical tourism, and it contains an important archaeological museum, which we will shed light on:

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum includes 5,200 antiquities, the most important of which is a piece of mosaic from Alexandria dating back to the fourth century BC. AD represents the god Eros hunting deer, 10 pieces of King Tutankhamun's treasures, a statue of the goddess (Hathor) the ancient Egyptians' goddess of beauty, love and music, and a group of Sphinx statues, a group of statues of sacred animals in ancient Egypt such as cats and scarabs, in addition to A number of paintings representing the Egyptian family through the different Egyptian eras.

This museum is located on an area of 191,000 square meters and consists of three museum exhibition halls and an entertainment area that includes restaurants and cafeterias.
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