The Cinema Palace celebrates "Cairo, the capital of Islamic culture" during the month of May

egypt Thu, May. 12, 2022
The General Authority for Culture Palaces headed by director Hisham Atwa, through the General Administration of Cinematic Culture headed by artist Tamer Abdel Moneim, affiliated to the Central Administration for Artistic Affairs headed by artist Ahmed El Shafei, organizes an artistic cultural program entitled “Cairo, Capital of Islamic Culture” and its activities are implemented at the Cinema Palace during the month of May

The program includes many film screenings with a cultural dimension and sheds light on the effects of Pharaonic and Islamic Egypt and many features of the Egyptian identity with its various cultural and heritage inclusions. Several films were shown during the program at five in the evening. On May 10, the movie “The Lion of the Desert Omar Mukhtar” will be shown, while on May 11 the movie “Theeb” will be shown. On May 12, the movie “The Chronicles of the Years of Embers” will be shown, in addition to the movie “Theeb.” The Deceived” on May 16, and the screenings conclude on May 17 with the movie “Falaqah”.

It is noteworthy that the celebration of choosing Cairo as the capital of culture for the Islamic world includes 149 cultural and artistic activities and workshops for traditional and traditional crafts and continues throughout the year with the participation of ISESCO countries.