Egypt’s Ministry Of Culture aims to open Gezira Art Museum in June 2022

Egypt Wed, Nov. 10, 2021
Egypt’s Ministry Of Culture is working on a timely opening of Gezira Art Museum, which is one of the most important international museums.

It is reported that the opening of the museum, in which work is currently underway, will take place in June 2022.

The Gezira Art Museum, located in the Opera District, has been closed for 33 years. The museum includes a large and rare collection of antiques, paintings and statues, numbering 4,000 pieces of art.

Many of the museum’s holdings belong to the palaces of the royal family members confiscated after the July 23 revolution in 1952. The value of the museum's holdings is estimated at $170 billion.

The museum includes more than 1,300 paintings by the world's leading artists, some dating back to the 15th century AD. The paintings in the museum are valued at billions of dollars.

Moreover, the museum comprises a collection of ancient Coptic icons, ancient Chinese and Japanese ceramics, and various pieces of art, in addition to a rare collection of ancient carpets from Iran and Khorasan, a rare collection of statues, musical instruments, and Arabic calligraphy pieces.