Egypt’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities chairs the meeting with Board of Directors of the Grand Egyptian Museum Authority

egypt Wed, Jul. 14, 2021
The Board of Directors of the Grand Egyptian Museum’s Authority held a meeting on July 13 headed by Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Enani, to discuss a number of topics related to the latest developments in the museum and the surrounding area.

The Board of Directors was keen to invite representatives of the Hassan Allam alliance that won the provision and operation of services in the museum, to attend the meeting, in order to present and discuss its work plan in the coming period.

The representatives of the coalition gave a detailed presentation in which they reviewed the strategy for operating the services in the museum to ensure its readiness at the opening.

They pointed out that contracting procedures has begun with major restaurants, specialists, and local and international companies with expertise and high efficiency in the fields of services and hospitality.

The Board of Directors stressed the need to provide high-quality services in this important cultural and tourist edifice, in a manner that supports the role of the museum as a unique cultural, civilizational and entertainment complex, to activate the tourism movement and economic development in Egypt, while respecting the archaeological value of the museum and the unique treasures it contains.

The Board of Directors also commended the great effort made by the alliance and reviewed in a presentation at the meeting.

It was also agreed to hold a series of workshops in August comprising of the board members, specialists in the ministry, and representatives of the alliance to discuss all aspects and ideas reviewed by the alliance to reach the best plans to provide services in the museum in a manner befitting this great edifice.

During the meeting, the General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum project and the surrounding area Atef Moftah gave a presentation of the developments in the museum and exhibition halls, as well as the development in the area surrounding the museum.

He also reviewed the results of the meeting of the Scientific Committee, which was held early in July, in the presence of more than 25 consultants, to find out the latest developments in the project of transporting and preparing the First Khufu Ship and the new building of the King Khufu Ship Museum, which is now being constructed at the Grand Egyptian Museum.

At the end of the meeting, Enani thanked the museum staff for the efforts they exert to complete this great edifice, and thanked the Supreme Council of Antiquities for their cooperation with their colleagues in the museum in the transfer of antiquities, the museum’s display scenario, and the transfer of the Khufu Solar Ship.