The Grand Museum announces the inclusion of the coffins of the Cache of Al-Asasif in the "Hall of Hidden Treasures"

Egypt Sat, Nov. 14, 2020
The Grand Egyptian Museum revealed that an integrated hall in the museum will be equipped under the name (Hall of the Caves), to include all the coffins of the Asasif cache, and with it the cache of the Saqqara region recently discovered, so that the museum is unique as usual to display the distinctive archaeological collections, which are presented for the first time to the whole world, this came in today's statement Saturday to the Grand Egyptian Museum.

The Al-Asasif cache was discovered by the Egyptian archaeological mission in the Al-Asasif cemetery on the western mainland in Luxor Governorate, becoming a milestone in the history of Egyptian excavations, which has become superior to similar discoveries by foreign missions.

The Al-Asasif cache is composed of 31 wooden coffins of the 22 priests and their families, and the colors and inscriptions appear on these coffins in a good condition.

While the Saqqara archaeological discovery announced by the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities today includes more than 100 coffins in good condition of preservation dating back to the late era.