The world Praises Great Pyramid in Egypt lighting up in solidarity against virus

egypt Wed, Apr. 1, 2020
Cairo: 31 March 2020: Several newspapers and international news agencies from Europe, America, the Far and Near East and the Arab countries praised the initiative taken by Egypt on Monday evening, illuminating the Great Pyramid of Khufr in the Giza Pyramids area in a message to the Egyptian people and all the people of the world to stay at home and protect themselves from the repercussions of the Corona virus, and also a greeting message and thanks to those in charge of protecting us, guarding us and fighting the new Corona virus, where three short phrases were written through light in Arabic and English on the front of the pyramid:

Stay home
protect yourself
Greetings to our protectors

The news agencies and newspapers described this initiative as a success and a message of unification for the peoples of the world to fight, prevent and protect against the virus.

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities's message was to appreciate the effort of the medical staff, the first line of defense in Egypt and the world facing the Corona pandemic

It is worth noting that the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations has launched on its official page on the social network "Twitter" thanks and greetings to the Arab Republic of Egypt for its efforts to protect and prevent the repercussions of the new Corona virus and its commitment to applying global health, safety and prevention standards as well as the initiative launched by The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Monday evening, by lighting the Great Pyramid in a message to the Egyptian people and the people of the world from the front of the pyramid of Khufu to stay at home and maintain the safety of their health and the health of their loved ones, also in a greeting message and thanks to all those in charge of Protect us, guard us and fight the virus.

The organisation also mentioned in its tweet that Egypt is one of the main members of the organisation and that it is working hard to support the tourism sector.

France 24 wrote: "Egypt's famed Great Pyramid was emblazoned Monday evening with messages of unity and solidarity with those battling the novel coronavirus the world over."

USAToday wrote: "Egypt’s Giza Pyramids were lit up with spectacular lights to display the message for people to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

ThePeople wrote: "Just outside Cairo, the ancient Egyptian pyramid displayed a message encouraging citizens to "stay safe" while thanking "those keeping us safe."

The ministry also extended thanks to the Egyptian people and the peoples of the world for complying with the instructions to stay at home.