Egyptian President Orders Reception of Palestinian Newborns from Gaza

egypt Sun, Nov. 19, 2023
The Egyptian president instructed Thursday medical establishments to prepare for receiving Palestinian newborns from Gaza Strip to join dozens of the critically injured, mainly children, who are lying in Egyptian hospitals.

Chief of the Egyptian Red Crescent Ramy al-Nazer told press Thursday that the total number of aid trucks that entered Gaza Strip, through Rafah Border Crossing, since the beginning of the crisis had amounted to 1,090 carrying a total of 18,800 tons. The shipments included food, water, medicines, medical supplies, and various equipment.

The contributions of Egypt and the United Nations are 10,000 tons and 6,200 tons, respectively. The latter managed to deliver, through Egypt, the first shipment of fuel on Wednesday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) declared Monday that 21 hospitals out of 35 as well as 47 healthcare centers went out of service because they had run out of fuel and medical supplies.

A batch of Palestinians holding other nationalities, consisting of 400, arrived at Egypt’s Rafah Border Crossing on November 2 one day after the entry of 335, as reported by Extra News. Further, 70 holding the Russian nationality transited in Egypt on Monday before their departure to Moscow.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had announced that Egypt was ready to help 7,000 dual nationals, carrying 60 different nationalities, leave Gaza Strip through Egyptian airports by letting them in through Rafah Crossing.