Sisi Approves Inclusion of Military and Police Victims from Anti-terrorism Efforts into Martyrs Fund

egypt Wed, Aug. 30, 2023
Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has approved the inclusion of the Ministry of Defense’s martyrs and victims of war operations to the Martyrs and Victims Honoring Fund, the Presidency said in a statement today.

The president also approved adding the martyrs and victims of terrorist operations from the Ministry of Interior, including the names of martyrs and victims in the Battle of Ismailia on 25 January 1952, to the beneficiaries of the Fund.

President El-Sisi also endorsed the inclusion of civilian martyrs and those injured during the construction of the rocket wall in the war of attrition.

Sisi announced the approvals in a meeting with Advisor to the President for Financial Affairs Mohamed Amin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Martyrs and Victims Honoring Fund El-Sayed El-Ghaly and the Fund’s Executive Director Ahmed Al-Ashaal.

During the meeting, Sisi emphasized that the Egyptian people hold their sons, martyrs and victims of war or terrorist operations in high esteem, acknowledging that they had paid a dear price for the Egyptian people to live in peace, security and prosperity.

The meeting reviewed the annual report of the Fund's activities and services for the benefit of martyrs and victims of war and terrorist operations, in coordination with the relevant state’s authorities.

The meeting also discussed initiatives proposed for the next period for the benefit of the beneficiaries of the Fund.

The Martyrs and Victims Honoring Fund was established in 2018 to support the families of those killed or injured in the military, counterterrorism or security operations by imposing an LE 5 tax on services provided by public institutions.