Sisi supports health, education sectors: renowned cardiologist Magdi Yacoub

Professor of Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Magdi Yacoub Sun, May. 12, 2019
CAIRO – 12 May 2019: Professor of Cardiothoracic surgery Dr Magdi Yacoub hailed on Saturday President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for his strong support to the development of health and education services in Egypt.

On the sidelines of his current visit to Washington, professor Yacoub said that the Egyptian president encourages all efforts to contribute to treating Egyptian patients suffering different diseases, particularly heart-related diseases, and backing scientific researches on that score, Egypt’s state news agency MENA reported.

The renowned surgeon underscored the great efforts exerted by the president to upgrade the national educational system which is fundamental to realize development and growth and transform the life of Egyptians to the better.

Yacoub pointed out that Egypt has many talented people, particularly young physicians and researchers, who should be given the opportunity to become successful to serve the Egyptian society.

He added that the new center established in Egypt to treat heart diseases will contribute to curing larger numbers of patients through the training of well-chosen young physicians and medical staff.