See the statue of Ramses II in the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

egypt Wed, May. 17, 2023
The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir is the oldest archaeological museum in the Middle East, and it includes the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world. The museum displays a large collection that extends from the pre-dynastic period to the Greek and Roman eras.

Ramses II ascended the throne of Egypt when he was a young man, twenty-five years old, in order to write lines of light, glory, pride and pride in the history of ancient Egypt, the ancient Near East and the ancient world, as if fate was on a date with the birth and rule of Egypt for that legendary king Ramses II, King of Kings. And the master of the ancient world.

And the book "The Warrior Pharaohs ... Diplomats and Military" by Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir says that Ramses II became, despite the presence of a large number of pharaoh kings who bore the name Ramses before him, such as his grandfather Ramses I in his family, the Nineteenth Dynasty, and his successors from Ramses III to Ramses The eleventh in the next dynasty, and I mean the twentieth dynasty, and it became a flag and a name for an entire era, which is the era of Ramesside, meaning the kings of the nineteenth and twentieth dynasties, the era of glory in ancient Egypt. Everyone in the whole world, without a doubt, we mean the star of the earth and the king of kings, Ramses II, the great and immortal.

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Basir explained that Ramses II was the son of the immortal warrior pharaoh King Seti I the Great and the son of Queen Tuya, and the name of Ramses means "the god Ra created him" and his full name is "Ramses Mary Amun" and means "the god Ra created him, the beloved of the god Amun", and the name of the special throne. With it, he is "The Secret of Maat Ra Setb En Ra," meaning "the justice of the god Ra is strong, chosen by the god Ra."

The book "The Warrior Pharaohs" pointed out that Ramesses II married a very large number of women, perhaps the most famous of them is the charming queen and the beautiful beauties Queen Nefertari, and he also fathered a large number of sons and daughters, perhaps the most famous of them is his son and heir apparent King Merneptah and the famous ascetic prince Khaem Was and Princess Then Queen Merit Amun, and an ancient Egyptian king did not give birth as Ramesses II the Great gave birth to many sons.

Ramses II ruled Egypt for a long period of about sixty-seven years, and his reign was distinguished by greatness, glory, and immensity in everything, especially in building and construction work, which extended in the four corners of the universe, especially in the land of good Egypt, Nubia, the Levant, and on the Mediterranean coast.

The book "The Warrior Pharaohs" confirmed that an ancient Egyptian king did not build temples, huge statues, and obelisks like the great Ramses II built, and his life extended for a long time and he died at a late age after the ninetieth year of his long life, and when he died, the sacred Pharaoh was buried with all the majesty of the sacred Egyptian monarchy that It is worthy of the greatness of His Majesty King Ramses II the Great in his tomb No. 7 in the Valley of the Kings area on the western bank of the famous city of Luxor in immortal Upper Egypt.