Specifications of King Khufu's corridor inside the Great Pyramid .. It may have been found to relieve loads and pressure

egypt Tue, Mar. 7, 2023
During recent years in Egypt, we notice that from time to time new revelations are announced, revealing secrets of what was happening in ancient Egyptian life. As a result of the presence of many proverbs similar to such passages, including the pyramid of Meidum, and the burial chamber of King Khufu, above which there are 5 decompression chambers.

As for the specifications of that corridor, the results of the scientific research of the project were revealed, which were reached after inserting a telescope with a camera at one of the openings at the entrance to the pyramid, which takes the aesthetic shape. This survey shows the existence of a corridor with a length of 9 meters and a width of 2.10 meters.

Regarding the discovery, the great archaeologist, Dr. Zahi Hawass, head of the practical committee, said that the discovery of the Khufu corridor is important, as it is clear that there is something beneath that discovery, as it relieves the load or pressure on something, in addition to the presence of a window, and I believe that the burial chamber of King Khufu It's down that aisle.

Dr. Zahi Hawass explained, in previous statements to "The Seventh Day", that there are devices that will reveal the contents of the bottom of the corridor, but there has been no discussion and decision in this matter, and if Khufu's tomb is discovered, it will be one of the most amazing discoveries that have been discovered so far.

The great archaeologist added that if the burial chamber of King Khufu is reached, it will cause a great uproar in the world that exceeds the uproar caused by the tomb of the golden pharaoh Tutankhamun, because several golden artifacts will be found.

And about the scenes of the discovery, Dr. Zahi Hawass said that as soon as the report of the Pyramids Residents Project was presented to the international committee, the members of the committee immediately went to the northern side of the Great Pyramid to watch and inspect, on the ground, the findings of the research project team.

He added that the members of the committee watched the newly discovered corridor through the video screen, where the members of the research team of the project inserted a very small telescope below the separator behind the lower truss, and moved the telescope up the back of the corridor with a gabled ceiling visible on the screen, and the stone blocks appeared on both sides of the corridor to close its end.

Dr. Zahi Hawass confirmed that after the inspection, the committee considers that the function for which this corridor was built when building the Great Pyramid is, most likely, to relieve pressure and weight from any structures located below it up to about 7 meters, and that the truss blocks that form the roof of the corridor distribute the weight. Up the corridor down and to the sides away from it.

Of course, many Egyptian and foreign missions participated in these works, as the work began after the approval of the Permanent Committee for Egyptian Antiquities, to form a scientific committee headed by the great archaeologist Dr. And the work team has worked since 2026 until today.