Papyrus Waziry 1 was displayed for the 1st time ever after its restoration at the Egyptian Museum

egypt Wed, Mar. 1, 2023
Papyrus Waziry 1 was displayed for the first time ever after its restoration, at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

It is considered the largest and most complete papyrus in hieratic script uncovered in the Saqqara necropolis.

The papyrus was found inside the coffin of an individual called Ahmose from the Ptolemaic era, during the excavations of an Egyptian mission headed by Dr. Mustafa Waziry, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities in May 2022.

Waziry 1 is a 16-meter papyrus, the longest hieratic papyrus ever found that is now on display at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

The papyrus contains 113 chapters from the Book of the Dead and various depictions such as a scene showing Ahmose worshiping the god of the netherworld Osiris in his shrine.

The Book of the Dead is a collection of religious and funerary texts that were used in ancient Egypt as a guide for the deceased during their journey in the netherworld.