Readers flocked to the Cairo Book Fair 2023 on its fourth day

egypt Sun, Jan. 29, 2023
Hundreds of visitors flocked to the doors of the Cairo International Book Fair 2023, on its fourth day, in preparation for the start of its various activities, which the exhibition audience will enjoy, as they will meet with a large number of writers, poets and artists, inside the exhibition halls, which will last until February 6.

On its fourth day, Moawad Cairo International will witness a group of activities, including in Salah Jahin Hall, at twelve noon, the “Taha Hussein Writer” symposium will be held with the participation of the great writer Youssef Al-Qaeed, Nora Abdel-Azim, and Nahed Abdel-Hamid, and it will be moderated by Hassan Madani, and at exactly the hour At two o'clock in the afternoon, a symposium "My Experience with Salah Jahin" will be held with the participation of Hussein Fahmy, Suhair Al-Morshedy and Ali Badrakhan, and it will be moderated by Marwa Al-Shabrawy. And at exactly six o’clock in the evening, a meeting with the critic Abdullah Ibrahim, and it is run by Saeed Tawfiq.

In the International Hall, a symposium on “Renewable Energy Solutions and the Future of the Global Energy Crisis” will be held at twelve o’clock, with the participation of Ahmed Bayoumi, Ahmed Sultan, Mr. Hamdi Abdel Aziz, and Omar Al-Husseini, and it will be moderated by Raghda El-Bahi. Egyptian Identity and Awareness Building" in the presence of Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, and moderated by Khaled Kassem. And in the international participations, "Roland Lombardi.. and his last writings," and he is being interviewed by Muhammad Salmawy.

In the Cultural Salon, a symposium “The Values of the Egyptian Personality in the New Republic” will be held at twelve o’clock, with the participation of Gamal Al-Shaer, Amr Suleiman, Muhammad Al-Khatib and Muhammad Al-Hamshari, and it will be moderated by Yusr Flux. ", With the participation of Amir Taj Al-Sir, Khairy Doma, Sherine Abul-Naga and Muhammad Briri", it is directed by Sayed Mahmoud, and at four o'clock in the afternoon the "Digital Content Industry" will be held with the participation of Hanan Abdel Majeed, Atef Obaid, Adly Touma, Medhat Nafie and Yusr Flux, and it is directed by Muhammad Khalif, and at exactly the hour Six o'clock in the evening, "His Eminence Pope Shenouda the Third... the centenary of the birth," with the participation of Ahmed El-Sarsawy, Anba Ermia, and the priest Boutros Gaid, and Ramy Atta Saleh participates and directs.

And in the Thought and Creativity Hall, at two o’clock in the afternoon, the book “Seerat Watan” written by Ahmed Al-Tahri will be discussed, with the participation of Khaled Okasha and Muhammad Fayez Farahat. , and journalist writer Hamdi Rizk and journalist writer Imad El-Din Hussein, moderated by Muhammad Azouz, and at four o’clock in the afternoon, a discussion of the book “Windows of Light” written by Muhammad Saleh Al-Bahr, with the participation of Muhammad Al-Sayed Ismail and Mona Al-Shimi, and moderated by Osama Gad.