A rich cultural and artistic program of the Ministry of Culture at the COP27 Climate Conference in Sharm El Sheikh

egypt Mon, Nov. 7, 2022
The Ministry of Culture presents a rich cultural and artistic program during the activities of the COP27 climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, and from here we will review the ministry's plan to participate on the sidelines of the conference.

Participation includes a number of activities, including: pavilions for traditional and traditional crafts, which include various traditional craft products from the governorates of Egypt, in addition to live workshops for cultural industries.

The events also include a symposium to discuss the methodology of the pioneers of adaptive architecture among the great architects, Hassan Fathy, Ramses Wissa, in dealing with the climate, and a presentation of works (projects and buildings), by contemporary Egyptian architects, that contain innovative solutions to confront climate change.

A number of artistic concerts will also be held for the artist Amer Al-Tuni, the Mawlawi band, the artist Nesma Abdel Aziz and her band, and others for the stars of Tarab at the Egyptian Opera House, as well as the Devil of Egyptian traditional costumes, during the conference period, to introduce the guests of Egypt to the Egyptian heritage and civilization.

The General Authority for Culture Palaces, headed by the artist Hisham Atwa, is keen, through its folklore troupes, to create a joyful carnival situation for the guests of the Climate Summit, by presenting a variety of folk dances, singing, and traditional folklore costumes, daily, on open theaters and streets, And the tourist walkway, for the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, to welcome the guests of the Climate Summit.

The Center presented a specialized program in the Arts Garden at the Center’s headquarters in El Haram and in the Children’s Cultural Garden in Sayeda Zeinab, which includes a variety of cultural, artistic and recreational activities for children that revolve around climate issues and how to reduce environmental pollution in all its forms.

The celebration begins today, Sunday, with the opening of an exhibition of plastic arts in the Bikar Hall at the center’s headquarters in Al-Haram on climate change on the occasion of the opening of the climate conference, followed by the opening of activities in the cultural park, and it includes specialized artistic workshops such as recycling environmental waste in a safe way and storytelling workshops from the series “Tomorrow is More Beautiful” produced by the Center And a symposium on the environment in cooperation with the Hygiene and Cosmetic Authority, and the presentation of the interactive play “Honey and Fire” produced by the center, which revolves around climate change and in which the audience participates with the heroes of the show.

The events during 12 days include many activities, such as presenting digital stories from the series “Prepare for Green” and the series “Tales of the Color Green” produced by the Center on the occasion of the Climate Conference, in addition to a series of storytelling workshops on the environment and climate, and a series of specialized seminars in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, The Salon “For the Love of the Nation”, which is held in cooperation with the Ministry of Endowments and the Ministry of Education, will dedicate its themes to revolve around the climate and how to protect it from a scientific and religious perspective. On climate change and its relationship to food security, in addition to entertainment shows and plastic arts workshops.