President Sisi inaugurates "Turathna’ for handicrafts" exhibition

egypt Sun, Oct. 10, 2021
Yesterday, Saturday, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi praised the outstanding level of the exhibits at the (Turathna’) handicraft exhibition held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement, directing to provide all facilities and support to exhibitors and to overcome obstacles facing their activities; To promote traditional crafts.

This came during President Sisi's inspection of the pavilions of the "Our Heritage" exhibition in its third session, after its official opening today, with the participation of 1,500 exhibitors, including exhibitors from the UAE, Jordan and Sudan.

President Sisi exchanged talks with exhibitors, young men, women and people with special needs, and listened to the problems facing their activities, including financing and marketing, and their proposals for the advancement of traditional crafts.

After that, President Sisi inspected the pavilions of the Arab countries participating in the exhibition (the UAE, Jordan and Sudan), whose participation comes within the framework of strengthening cooperation and intra-regional trade and strengthening ties between peoples. (Our heritage).

President Sisi also visited the pavilion of the (Decent Life) initiative, and the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dr. Nevin Gamea, reviewed - in front of the president - the products of 20 exhibitors from participating in (Decent Life) villages in the exhibition, noting that each project operates between 20 to 40 family, and provides them with the decent life we ​​wish for them.

Regarding the executive steps taken within the framework of the (Decent Life) initiative, which has a total cost of about 700 billion pounds, and aims to improve the living conditions and infrastructure of more than 4,000 villages, the minister said: "We have prepared studies on the economic components of the villages, and the most appropriate projects that can be implemented in Each village, and providing financing services for projects, whether existing or working on new projects, in a way that contributes to the sustainability of the activity.

In this context, President El-Sisi handed out financial prizes for the best three handicraft and heritage projects for villages at the level of the Republic within the (Dignified Life) initiative. A thousand pounds, and President Sisi directed an increase in the value of this award, given that the woman supports eight children, while the third prize was won by a young man from Gharbia Governorate.

The President also visited the pavilion of the archaeological reproductions factory, then visited the People of Determination Pavilion, and directed the President to respond to their demands; To enhance their activities, the President's visit also included the Small and Medium Enterprises Pavilion and the Business Development Unit.

During President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s awarding of prizes to the best three handicraft and heritage projects for villages at the level of the Republic within the (Dignified Life) initiative, the president requested a workshop for the first winner, Abeer Salem, who received a reward of 50 thousand pounds in the manufacture of oil paintings, and the president directed, Thanks to her.

The president also listened to the winner Abeer Salem, who expressed her hope to open a workshop in the tourist village of Tunis in Fayoum Governorate, and thanked President Sisi for the initiative (a decent life), which she said "lighted all rural villages, and also led to the emergence of her project to the light."

She said, "President Sisi has opened for us hope in the Egyptian countryside, against the background of the (Decent Life) initiative, that there will be communication between us and the people, the elimination of unemployment and that we will help and provide for the country."

When handing over the second prize, worth 30,000 pounds, to Mrs. "Gamila" in Sohag governorate, who works in the manufacture of handicrafts, President Sisi asked to double that amount after learning that she had 4 orphans with her.

Mrs. Jamila thanked President El-Sisi for that, praying to God to bless him and Egypt, while President El-Sisi handed the third prize to a young man from Gharbia Governorate.

In a gesture that shows President Sisi's keenness to provide all forms of support for women in the field of heritage crafts, the president responded to a model's request to provide support for her project, expressing the state's keenness to overcome all obstacles facing women's heritage projects, including the issue of financing such as soft loans.. The president said The state, out of its keenness to promote craft projects, will provide all facilities for the success of its project.

President Sisi urged that model to select about 10 young men and women from a technical school, and provide them with the necessary training for a period of two or three weeks, to qualify them and give them the necessary experience in their field of work. The state, through the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, can provide all possible assistance.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi listened to the explanation of one of the models in the pavilion of the archaeological replicas factory. She confirmed the interest of many European countries in the factory’s products. Which opened up export markets.

In a gesture that embodies President Sisi’s sponsorship of projects for people with special abilities, the president directed to respond to the request of one of the exhibitors, during his inspection of their pavilion at the “Our Heritage” exhibition, by facilitating the procedures for obtaining the integrated services card for people with special abilities to enhance their activities and better integrate them into society.