Achievements of 7 years.. Development of the "Rateb Seddik" Museum at a cost of 21 million pounds

egypt Wed, Jun. 9, 2021
After the June 30 revolution, the state in all its sectors carried out a series of development and restoration operations for all government facilities, including cultural facilities and buildings, and among the projects that it redeveloped is the Ratib Seddik Museum.

The museum is located in Giza Governorate, and the project was started in 2013, and the project was completed in 2014, the cost amounted to 21 million pounds, and the area of ​​the Ratib Seddik Museum is 4200 square meters.

The center includes a museum containing the 146 artworks of the artist Ratib Siddik, in addition to the works of his wife, the plastic artist Aida Shehata, an open theater, a library, seven workshops for traditional handicrafts of leather, ceramics, graphics, drawing and photography, electric ovens for ceramics, an exhibition hall, and a workshop center Technical for children, a warehouse building, and a cafeteria, with providing the site with security and protection systems against fire and theft, electricity networks, emergency generators, sewage systems, soil treatment against groundwater factors and moisture.
The museum is a great and important achievement, and it is the result of the Ministry of Culture's serious move to restore life to all closed museums to return to cultural edifices that radiate thought and creativity.

The Ratib Seddik Museum has been neglected for 20 years and has been closed and deserted since the late artist Ratib Seddik donated his home in Giza in 1994.