Launching an e-book exhibition with the publications of 60 publishing houses ... Know the details

Egypt Mon, Jan. 25, 2021
A number of cultural institutions announced the launch of an electronic book fair, which includes the publications of more than sixty Egyptian and Arab publishing houses, in order to provide books to the followers and visitors of the Malawi Book Fair and to facilitate the reader in obtaining the books he wants to own, provided that the organizers shall within the few days Next, we will explain the methods of ordering and acquiring books, along with our recommendations for readers.

This comes several days after the launch of the Malawi Book Fair in its fifth session, and in conjunction with the launch of more than one electronic exhibition, whether from the Egyptian publishing houses, or electronic platforms for selling books, and all this momentum will certainly pour in the interest of the Egyptian reader, and that it is an outlet for cultural life in Egypt. In light of the spread of the new Corona virus, and in this spirit and in the interest of continuing cultural and artistic efforts to benefit readers and recipients of all cultural activities.