The tools of an ancient Egyptian artist that are 3 thousand years old .. & the dyes are still present

Egypt Tue, Jan. 19, 2021
The ancient Egyptian civilization was leading the fields of art, architecture and engineering in the world, and these innovations can still be seen in the museums of the world, in addition to sculptures and jewelry, some everyday objects can be seen, including that the Metropolitan Museum of Art contains tools used by the Egyptian painter dating back to 1390 -1352 BC.

This artist's tool was made from a single ivory piece, and includes six oval paint wells that still contain blue, green, brown, yellow, red and black dyes, and at one end of the painting there is also an inscription of Pharaoh Amenhotep III (about 1401-1353 BC) in hieroglyphs, in addition to the title “I love” Ra ", the reign of Amenhotep the Third was one of the most prosperous periods in ancient Egypt and was full of achievements in art and culture, despite her age, this came to be calculated what mymodernmet stated

The experts explained that the design of this tool is very similar to many of the technical tools we use today.