A museum at home ... See the painting of the nun by Ahmed Sabry, in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts

art Thu, Apr. 9, 2020
The Fine Arts Museum, affiliated with the Fine Arts Sector, continues to invite citizens to stay at home, through its official page on Facebook, saying, "Stay in your house and we will get the museum to your end" in order to tackle the Corona virus, and one of the most important holdings of the Museum of Arts The beautiful in Alexandria, which can be seen in (Online Museum), the painting “The Nun” oil on a series by artist Ahmed Sabry.

The artist Ahmed Sabry, a large Egyptian photographer, was born in Cairo Governorate on April 20, 1889, and he is one of the most prominent pioneers of plastic art in Egypt. He excelled in portraiture, and he is considered among the top seven or the first pioneers of plastic art in Egypt, and many critics considered him the father of Egyptian influence.

He enrolled in the School of Fine Arts in 1910 and graduated in 1914, joined the "Legrand Schumer" academy, then moved to the Julien Academy in Paris, and studied by photographer Paul Albert Lawrence, then photographer Emmanuel Fujira in 1919.

It is worth noting that the academies "Grand Schommier" and "Julian" were joined by major pioneer "Mahmoud Saeed" later, he worked as a teacher of drawing at Mustafa Kamel Elementary School, and he was appointed as an insect painter at the Ministry of Agriculture in 1923, and he moved to a position as a painter at the Ministry of Works

He worked as a professor at the Higher Fine Arts School in the Painting Department in 1929 and was assigned to him as the Head of the Free Painting Department. He later became head of the Department of Regular Painting and remained in this position until he retired in 1949, Sabri died on March 8, 1955.