The Ministry of Antiquities Preparing For the Opening: Restoration laboratories of the Grand Museum completed 47 thousand pieces.

GEM Sun, Jan. 12, 2020
A few months separated us from the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, an event that the world is waiting for, and 50 thousand pieces will be displayed in front of the public, and it is scheduled to open in the last quarter of this year 2020 completely, where the Ministry of Antiquities has completed 90% of the work inside and outside the museum, and for the first Once a hall will be designated with an area of ​​7000 meters to display the holdings of the Golden King Tutankhamun.

The Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism has also completed the restoration of approximately 47,000 pieces within the restoration center of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is one of the largest restoration centers in the world, and restoration work is carried out on the latest modern scientific methods, and the restoration center includes 19 laboratories, 7 laboratories specialized in antiquities restoration Heavy and divided according to archaeological materials, we find that each material has a laboratory, there is a specialist in wood, stones, heavy effects, organic and inorganic and special projects, in addition to mummies and archaeological remains, and there is a laboratory for examinations, analyzes and diagnosis of manifestations of damage.

The restoration center at the Grand Museum will be a regional center in the Middle East, and it will compete with international institutes and centers specializing in the restoration of antiquities in a large way, adding that my role as general manager of technical affairs has been the nucleus of a technical school in the restoration containing international conventions and pouring in all foreign expertise.

Major General Atef Moftah, General Supervisor of the Grand Egyptian Museum project and the surrounding area, said, "We succeeded in saving more than 770 million dollars in the estimated cost of the project, which amounts to 1.6 billion dollars, as the final cost of the third phase of the museum project will amount to 380 million dollars, an increase of 30 Only one million pounds, as it was scheduled in 2011, the amount of 800 million dollars.

On the opening ceremony of the Grand Museum, he said that there is a committee headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly, the Prime Minister, to study the scenarios of the opening ceremony to come out in a way worthy of the greatness of Egypt, where it is scheduled to last 12 days, pointing out that all offers from international companies are being studied to achieve the maximum return from that festive as Sponsors will be brought in from all sides for this event.

The prices of entry tickets to the Grand Egyptian Museum will be 400 pounds for the foreigner to the Tutankhamun hall, 200 pounds for the main halls, and 500 pounds for the combined ticket to visit all the halls. As for the Egyptians and Arabs, it will be 50 pounds for the King Tutankhamen hall, 30 pounds for the main halls, and 60 pounds for the combined ticket.

As for students, entry prices for foreign students will be 200 for the Tutankhamun hall, 100 for the main halls, and 250 pounds for the combined ticket, and Egyptian and Arab students, the ticket price will be 30 pounds combined.

Children up to 6 years old enter the museum for free, and the entrance fee for the museum from the external gates of the museum complex is 30 pounds, deducted from the entrance ticket to the museum from the inside.