Bosnia and Herzegovina Ambassador voices support for Egypt’s efforts in Gaza Strip conflict resolution

egypt Tue, Mar. 19, 2024
Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Egypt Thabet Subasic affirmed his country's support for Egypt's efforts to reach a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on a two-state solution, emphasizing that Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Bećirović, stressed the importance of reaching a ceasefire, protecting civilians, and providing humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

Interviewed by MENA on Monday, Subašić praised Egypt's efforts in evacuating 54 Bosnian citizens, mostly children and women, from Gaza, emphasizing the need to enhance economic and political cooperation to match the strength of political relations between Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He stated that the upcoming period would witness high-level visits, expressing optimism about the possibility of enhancing cooperation in several areas with Egypt in the near future.

He explained that there is a significant opportunity for cooperation with Egypt in the field of green energy and hydrogen, as Bosnia and Herzegovina seeks to expand its energy supplies and not rely solely on Russia. He also mentioned his country's readiness to supply machinery, especially agricultural machinery, to Egypt, as well as the possibility of Bosnia becoming a center for exporting Egyptian products to Europe.

He noted that the trade exchange between the two countries reached approximately dlrs 6.76 million in 2023, with an increase of around dlrs 31 million from 2022.

He reported that he recently discussed with Egypt's Mufti Shawqi Allam, the provision of scholarships for a larger number of Bosnian students to study at Al-Azhar University in light of the historical and cultural ties between the two countries.

He added that preparations are currently underway for a memorandum of understanding between the Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt and its counterpart in Bosnia to support cooperation between research institutions in both countries.

Regarding tourism, he said the number of Bosnian tourists who spent their vacations in Egypt reached about 10,000 tourists, while 906 Egyptian tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2023.

He pressed the need to provide facilities for tourists from both sides and to organize promotional campaigns for tourist attractions in both Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina to enhance cooperation in the tourism sector.